Theming Engineers provides Architectural services to the Themed Entertainment industry. We produce technical drawings and documents that turn concepts into feasible projects for every phase of the project. We are fluent in Creative and understand the needs of suppliers, builders, managers and industry, law and regulatory standards. We can support you thru all phase of the project, from Masterplanning till Detailed Design. Clients are park owners, creatives, suppliers, and builders.

A very special service we can provide is site survey. With our latest 3D scanning equipment we can capture your world and make it digital.

Our excellent services

  • Architectural design

  • Constructural design

  • 3D Scanning

 We worked on 

Who we are

Robert van den Boom is the owner and lead engineer of Theming Engineers. With over twenty years of experience in the themed entertainment industry, Robert can transform technically challenging concepts and designs into reality. Robert‘s talents coordinate all the physical elements of an attraction, making it an integrated, uniquely immersive experience. He has made a career of delivering on time, on brief, and within budget, building the best experience for the guests, staff, and clients. Robert has worked on Family Enter- tainment Centers, City Based Attractions, and Award-winning theme park attractions such as Symbolica at Efteling.

Robert and his team have worked on fantasy castles, fairy tales, gallows and woodpiles, old prisons, Mayan temples, spaceship docking stations, hidden caves, ghost ships, medieval towns, and high- end party rooms.

What we do

We support you with:

  • Architectural design
  • Constructural design
  • 3D Scanning

As Architectural Engineers we can design the building that your concept needs.

There are a lot of parties involved in developing an attraction. We have the capability to oversee the various needs and demands and bring them together. The result of our work is an efficient, integrated technical design for realizing the best possible immersive attraction your creatives could think of.

We work following the strictest of international quality standards. We are proud members to the TEA.

“De Nieuwe Regeling 2011”, short for DNR 2011 applies to all our activities. A copy of the DNR2011 can be found at here (English) of hier (Nederlands).

We support

Robert van den Boom
Robert van den BoomLead Theming Engineer

What client’s say

“I have no hesitation in recommending Robert as highly creative and knowledgeable architect and project manager. He believes in teamwork and communicates easily and clearly with the wider team. His mission is to deliver on time, on brief and on budget. I am always reassured when Robert is on board!”

Paula Hurst, Creative Director Merlin Entertainments Group

“Robert van den Boom did an exceptional job on the recent project, Murder on the Zeedijk. Robert van den Boom is a clever, very respectable and independent project manager. Creative, customer-service oriented and motivated. Robert van den Boom never refuses you when you ask him for help.”

Wybo Wijnbergen, GM Madame Tussauds Amsterdam & The Amsterdam Dungeon

We highly recommend theming engineers, as we have worked with them on several projects, and each time it has been a pleasure to benefit from their extensive knowledge in themed engineering. We look forward to all the new amazing projects we will work on together.

Lars Nielsen, Themed Attractions specialists at MK Themed Attractions